gift credits

If you are shopping for a gift and are having a hard time finding the items you want, in the colours you prefer, consider buying a gift credit. In all honesty, every year we see many, many holiday gifts get swapped for different colours or sizes. Save yourself the pressure of finding the “perfect” item and in turn give your friend the fun of choosing the colours & sizes that work best for them. Plus, after the holidays, our stock levels typically rebound when the holiday shopping pressure subsides.

Gift credits can be purchased for yourself or for others. During checkout you have the option to assign a recipient email address. Once purchased, the recipient will be sent an email letting them know that they’ve received a gift credit. Alternatively, if you leave this blank, the gift credit will be assigned to your own email for personal use. To redeem a gift credit, a user must simply log into the website using the same email address you assigned to the gift credit (or create a new account using this email address) and the credit amount will be immediately available for use at checkout. These show up as “coupons” that can be applied to any purchase. If your intended recipient will be shopping in-store rather than online, be sure to include their name and phone number in the optional comments box at checkout (as well as their email) so that we can correctly assign the gift credit to them instead of you.

Temporarily unavailable online–please get in touch if you would like to purchase a credit online or come into the store.

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