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Unlike paint chips from a hardware store, our swatches are not all identical to the finished product. To produce our swatches we cut up a pillowcase into small pieces. Each time we produce a set of bedding the dye lot can vary a bit and this is the nature of hand-dyed items. Because your swatch represents just one batch, it can be considered a very good representation of the colour of any items you may order, but will not be identical to them.

Embrace the differences as signs of a genuine handmade product!

In order to keep swatches and swatch shipping free please don’t order all 50+ of them, we’re more than happy to pop 10 or so into an envelope and mail them off to you at no cost. Generally, we just automatically mail out all online swatch orders but if you want to pick up in the store you can let us know in the comments of your order. Of course, swatches are always available for pickup in our store without placing a prior order.

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