a day at the workshop

we make our own bedding in Burnaby, bc

We start with unbleached muslin in rolls and bales of varying widths.

Sewing is done on a couple of trusty, old machines by a hard-working superstar who sews everything you get from bed!

Since virtually all our scraps are unbleached cotton they can still be pretty useful. We’ve partnered with Our Social Fabric to divert them from the landfill to people that can repurpose them for all sorts of things.

We’re also pretty happy that one of our suppliers reuses all of our empty rolls and boxes.

Once things are sewn we store them at the workshop and only dye them as needed, which saves water. This is why you sometimes have to wait a bit for your sheets, our small inventory means sometimes things get made fresh just for you! 

The high-quality, non-toxic dye we use is the key to our huge selection of over 50 colours. 

The dyes are carefully measured and mixed according to our secret recipes. Here’s one secret recipe ready to go… (you didn’t think we’d really give it away did you?

All of the sheets are dyed by hand in small batches, just about the size of a set of bedding, which is why there can be slight variation from batch to batch.

Our production managers keep a close eye on everything we do at the workshop.

Everything gets another wash after it’s dyed to deal with any excess dye that hasn’t bound to the cotton.

Fresh from the dryer, they’re preshrunk and will get softer and better with each wash and dry.

Even the dryer lint at bed looks good!

Before they go to the store we give them a full once over, trimming threads and looking for flaws. Hand-dyeing doesn’t always go according to plan so sometimes they end up ‘on sale’ as mistints, a great way to pick up a bargain in bed!

Our sheets have no packaging and we pack them up in reuseable bins to bring them to bed so this cuts out a lot of waste.

A full day’s work, all packed up and ready to head to the store. Will any of these end up on your bed?

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