about our inventory

Currently, our stock is a mixture of in-stock and back-ordered items. Our items are made by hand, and with such a wide array of products, colours & sizes, we definitely do not have every item in stock at all times. That may mean that an item you’d like may not be in stock right now and may need to be backordered for you. This, along with the current inventory levels will be clearly noted on the product page once you choose a specific size. Please wait to hear from us before coming to the store to pick up any items that you have purchased, as some ‘in-stock’ items may still be at our workshop.

  • if it’s in-stock that means you can buy it!
  • if it’s out of stock there are 2 possibilities…
    • backorders mean you can buy it, but it may take us a few weeks to make it
    • just plain out of stock usually means we can’t make it and aren’t expecting to be able to do so anytime soon

As items are produced they will be available for purchase both online and in our store. The same inventory is offered both online and in-store, there are not separate pools of items. The correspondence of online and in-store inventory levels is managed by hand so please understand that there may be occasional discrepancies between online and real life numbers as things get updated.  If you purchase an in-stock item, please still wait to hear from us before coming to the store to collect it, as sometimes an item we have in stock may still be at our workshop.

empty shelvesIf a particular size of an item is out of stock, a couple situations may apply. Generally, most out of stock items will be available to purchase as a back-order. We will make the item after receiving your order. If we are currently unable to make more of that item, for instance some limited edition prints, you will not be able to purchase the product. 

back ordersThe items that are available for back-order will be identified as such and can be purchased today. We will make your items for you and this may take us up to 4-5 weeks. We will be in touch once they are ready to be picked up or shipped. If your order combines in-stock and back-ordered items we will generally wait until all the items are ready before contacting you.

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