care & washing

all bedding should be washed prior to first use.

Always wash in COLD water and tumble dry warm. Dyed bedding should be washed keeping each colour separate for the first few wash and dry cycles. After that simply wash and dry similar colours together.

An important consideration with hand-dyed fabric is spotting or dye transfer which can happen when dyed fabric is left sitting wet and in contact with other fabric for a period of time. For best results please make sure your bedding goes into the dryer right after it is done washing. Don’t let it sit wet,  do not hang to dry. Going to bed with wet hair, spills, and drooling among other situations can also produce this result and should be avoided where possible. If dye transfer is a concern with your sheets you may wish to use pillow and mattress protectors. For babies and young children who may still have regular accidents during the night, we suggest unbleached (undyed) cotton for bedding.

Unbleached 100% cotton bedding should be washed in HOT water for the first wash (and dried thoroughly in the dryer). This will help to remove the excess starch and will shrink unbleached bedding to its appropriate size. After that, follow the washing instructions as detailed above.

need a repair?

No matter how careful we are making and checking things over, sometimes something slips past us. Other times something might need a repair down the road. If ever you find you need a zipper repaired, elastic replaced or a seam restitched, let us know. If a repair is possible, we are happy to help.

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