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All of our bedding is hand sewn and dyed in our workshop in Burnaby, BC.

Wool duvets are made in North Vancouver by SnugSleep

For any dyed bedding, we recommend a cold wash in the washer and a hot/warm dry in the dryer (this does not include unbleached)

For any unbleached bedding, we recommend a hot wash in the washer and a hot dry in the dryer for the first time because unbleached, undyed fabric has not had the opportunity to be shrunk. Unbleached here, refers to the undyed fabric.

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We use procion dyes .

the cotton muslin we buy is mainly used for clothing, so the width of the fabric tends to be about the width of a queen-sized bed. 

Seams lay at the edges of the mattress, so that they do not interfere with your sleep, but they are necessary to make the pieces big enough to fit your mattress.

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Because there is only a few inches in difference between a queen flat sheet and a double flat sheet, the queen works just fine for a standard double bed

Yes, we do make those particular sizes! These sizes are fairly rare, so they will be specially made for you which does mean that they would be considered a final sale item. If you need one of these sizes, please get in contact with us and we can advise further.

Single fitted extra deep sheet fits a depth of mattress that is over 11” (28cm) but under 15” (38cm)

Double fitted extra long fits a mattress that measures 54” x 80” (137cm x 203cm)

Single fitted extra long extra deep fits a mattress that measures 39” x 80” x (up to) 15” (99cm x 203cm x [up to] 38cm)

*measurements represent width x length x depth

Knowing how deep your mattress is can be an important part of shopping for fitted sheets. If you don’t know your mattress depth, you might end up with too shallow or too deep of a sheet. 

Measure how thick your mattress is using a measuring tape or a ruler of sufficient length. Measure at the middle, between the head and foot of your mattress, with something hard and flat like a hardcover book on top by where you’re about to measure. Then measure from the bottom of the book to the bottom of your mattress.

When you provide that number to us, or when you are comparing the measurement to ours, don’t add anything – we need to know the actual measurement of the mattress to find the best fit.

We use zippers on our duvet covers

If you are local (in vancouver) and your zipper breaks while the fabric is still good to sew, bring it in and if we can, we will fix it for free!

We don’t offer any warranties, but if anything unusual happens with your bedding, please get in touch with us.

We sell very few double duvet covers. Often people with a double bed assume that their duvet is also a double when it’s actually a queen. If you plan to order a double duvet cover, please measure your duvet and refer to our measurements before placing your order.

We totally agree. What’s the difference between single and twin? Is a double the same as a full? Bedding terminology isn’t fully standardized and can differ from one country to another, from one company to another, and terms can change over time.

As a bedding company, you have to choose which terms you use. At bed, we try to keep the terminology simple and straightforward. The best way to make sure that your bedding will fit appropriately is to measure your duvet and your mattress before shopping.

So here are some clarifications for terminology you may have seen before:

  • twin is the same as single; we will always refer to this size as single
  • full is the same as double; we will always refer to this size as double
  • the size label “full/queen” is not a specific size and can vary greatly depending on who makes it
  • queen and king are, luckily, the standard terms for those sizes
  • california king refers to a specific measurement
  • “super king” is not a specific size and has no standard measurements; we don’t make these “super king” sizes

king sized items are so big that they often take up most of the space in our production. We make as many as we can, but they often sell out quickly and due to our production limitations, we often cannot keep kings in stock. This is an issue we are constantly working on.


Our inventory and production are very small scale. This helps us dye only the things that we actually need and means that sometimes an item needs to be dyed to complete your order. 

On the website the back-end payment processing is done by PayPal, so you may pay with any method they accept, such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, debit, and PayPal accounts.

*in-store we accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Interac debit but do not accept Amex or PayPal

Because of our wide selection and small-scale production, we can’t have everything in stock at all times, but we can make it for you! Read more about inventory here

No, we don’t do custom sizes.

on a case by case basis. large scale orders may be excluded from our usual promotions. Please get in contact with us to discuss.

sorry, we don’t accept wholesale orders.


Shipping is automatically calculated by Canada Post based on the size and destination of your order. The cost can be viewed by entering your address at checkout.

Canada Post only picks up from us once a week, so sometimes we’ve created the label and sent you the tracking number but they haven’t picked up the package and entered it into their system yet. if it seems to be taking even longer than this, let us know so we can look into it.

We only ship within Canada and the US

Complete orders are not usually shipped the same day they are placed. We ship orders out once a week. It may take up to a week for your complete order to be processed and sent out from the store.

No, because your order is more than likely to be over $100, we would rather not risk it.


We use 100% cotton muslin. It’s woven with a thick thread, in a loose, open weave, creating a plush, textured fabric.

We love the way it feels. Cotton muslin has been our brand for the last 20+ years, because it’s breathable, durable and comfortable in every season.

Yes! While they are more textured than your basic department store cotton sheets, through washing and use, they will get softer over time.

Our cotton is not organic – as a tiny business we lack the buying power to purchase it at reasonable prices. We instead focus on getting the simplest, least processed cotton we can, and then doing all of our production carefully ourselves, here in BC. 

Our fabric is currently milled in India and sourced for us by a local distributor with whom we have been dealing for over 20 years.

Because the fabric is a cotton muslin, it is not measured in thread count, but rather in weight. It is a 4oz muslin, with a texture similar to linen.

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On average you can expect a minimum lifespan of approximately 3-5 years, however, this is not a guarantee.  Some people wear through sheets quickly while others have used our sheets for 10+ years.

Muslin is a durable fabric, but there are a number of variables  such as use and care that can affect how long a piece of bedding may last. Fitted sheets are the hardest to estimate as they see the most strenuous use on a daily basis (friction from physically being laid upon, how much movement there is throughout the night, etc). We suggest having an alternate pair of sheets to rotate between, that way the fabric has a chance to relax between uses.


 No, because dye is not like paint, we can’t just add a bit more of one colour to make a certain colour brighter or softer.

Our colours have been tested many times through trial and error to make the recipes that they are now.

Yes! You can order swatches to be mailed to you for free.

In order to keep swatches free, we ask that you limit your selection to 10 colours. If you would like more, we will happily add those to a paid order. You can also get any number of them in person.

Unlike paint chips from a hardware store, our swatches are not all identical to the finished product. Because everything is hand-dyed, there can be variations and swatches are made by cutting up one pillowcase from one batch, so think of swatches as a good idea of the colour, but not exactly what you will get.

Probably not, but they’ll be pretty close. While we do follow specific recipes, because everything is dyed by hand, we can’t guarantee a perfect match of colours. We dye in small batches usually about the size of a set of bedding (a queen duvet cover, fitted sheet and 2 queen pillowcases). Buying more items to match a previous dyelot can be really tough unless you can come into the store to compare. Mixing and matching colours is a great way to avoid this issue.

Read more about colour and what causes these differences here

They are so long as they are dry, the only time that one piece can leech colour onto another piece is when they are wet.

If left sitting for a long period of time while wet, colour can transfer onto other pieces of fabric.

read more info here

we make our sheets ourselves here in BC and use very low-impact dyes. we don’t want to use bleach as it’s nasty to work with and bad for the environment. instead, we use unbleached cotton to make our sheets, which you can think of as a natural white. 

similarly, red and black need acids and other harsh chemicals to create perfect versions of the colours. all of our items are hand-dyed and to protect the wellbeing of our staff, customers and the environment we prefer to avoid such harsh chemicals.

speckling in the marbles is a natural happenstance of the dyeing process. Because marbles are made by sinking the fabric into a bucket of dyed water and sat for about 24 hours, any underlying pigments tend to come through in that process. It is not something that can be added, nor can it be taken away.


We offer exchanges or returns for store credit.

Sorry, no refunds.

All items must be unwashed and unused and have the original receipt. If you are doing an exchange by mail, contact us in advance so we know to watch for the package.

All stuffed items (duvets, pillows) are a final sale. 

however, if you experience anything unusual in the regular use of your sheets, or other items, please feel free to get in touch with us.

As long as it hasn’t been washed or used, we can exchange it for a different colour

*can’t choose from the website? order free swatches to see a sample of the colour before you place your order*

yes, all shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

credits & gift cards

Yes! If you are buying a gift card for someone else, please make sure you have included their email address and name so that it can be associated with that person.

Absolutely! Gift cards purchased online are automatically available for use in-store. If you purchase your gift card in-store, we require an email address in order to set it up for use online.

Anything in-store or online.

This is a display issue on the website that we are aware of. When the website displays your credit total as zero at checkout, this means it has been applied to your order and your credit is now at zero. This isn’t reflected in your total, but don’t worry, you will only be charged the appropriate amount on your method of payment. We are working on fixing this issue, but if you have any problems, contact us right away.

If there are any questions you have that are not answered here, read more in-depth information in the “about” dropdown menu or feel free to contact us.

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