High tech heater

A brand new, high-efficiency, on-demand gas water heater.  No more keeping tanks of water hot 24/7 for work that happens only a few days a week.  It was an expensive little bugger but will save so much energy and money over its lifetime. So things are starting to look a bit more like we could

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Things move quickly once you have water.

This will be where all our washers are installed. Pipe testing   And along the back wall it will be new, high-efficiency gas dryers.  This will be  a huge improvement and energy-savings compared to our old, electric dryers.

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We’ve hit water!

Thankfully not literally.  We managed to find the incoming water pipe, right about where we figured it would be, except for one major difference.  It was a mere few centimetres below the concrete instead of being under about 45cm of sand.  We were happily jack-hammering and shovelling right beside a pressurized, plastic pipe that would

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Our chance to take out some frustrations on a wall.

We need to join the two old offices into one room for sewing.  That means a door and window must die. A little bit of smashing and bashing is in order and we have just the tool to do it. What an awesome name! Our trusty sidekicks have found a spot to watch from a

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And now the work begins…

Let’s start whipping this place into shape. First item on the agenda… Where oh where is the incoming water pipe? Sadly, the original building plans are gone so all we can do is guess (and dig a few holes). We’ll post an update when we find it!

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The new workshop before we got our hands on it.

We’ve found a perfect location for our new workshop!  It’s closer to transit and to our seamstress so she can cut her commute in half. Sunny and bright with a huge garage door to open for fresh air.  It looks a bit rough in these pictures but trust us, we’re going to be able to

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