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Mistint Sale!

Mistints are now available in-store at 50% off! Mistints are our mistakes—they’re imperfect sheets that may have a colour flaw, a flaw in the weave or be the wrong colour entirely. All mistints are final sale & can only be purchased in person.

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How does international shipping affect bed?

Even though we make all of our sheets in Burnaby, BC, the fabric we use comes from overseas and the problems in international shipping are now our problems too. This article is a good explanation of what is going on; it is from NPR in the States so it focuses on the American situation but

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The experiment is finally finished! We’re happy to announce the introduction of our brand new marble, Mesa. It has a warm, coppery base with flares of earthy brown and (like most other marbles) has pink/red speckles. It makes a great partner to our solid, Terra Cotta. Click here to shop Mesa! As always, if the

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Say hello to Thistle, our brand new purple! Less grey than Mauve and deeper than Lavender, it’s a fun, mid-tone purple that pairs well with our Amethyst marble. To celebrate its release, we will be making Thistle available for back order online & in-store from March 19-25. No waitlist necessary!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re out in the snow or cozy in bed, we hope you have a wonderful day of fun, indulgence & love. 💌

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Mistints available until the end of January!

Our regular stock remains low as we wait for our fabric and supplies to arrive, but if you’re not feeling picky, we’ve got some mistints available at the store for 25% off. Mistints are pieces with colour flaws or aesthetic fabric flaws, so they’re only available for in-person shopping only!

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Hand Dyeing

Everything at bed is dyed by hand in small batches. Our hand dyeing process allows you to see the natural texture of the cotton muslin, highlighting the beauty of this comfy, rustic fabric. Nothing is ‘perfect’ and we like that way!

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Happy Pride!

Happy Pride, everyone! It’s been a tough, unpredictable year, and that makes it even more important to celebrate the strength the LGBT+ community finds in our diversity. Have fun, be safe & take care of those around you. bed is a longtime supporter of the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and we encourage you pick up

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Mix & Match!

Having trouble putting together a whole set in one colour? Consider looking at adjacent colours to complete your set instead. For example, using a Neon flat sheet with a Cyan Fitted sheet or putting some Robin pillowcases with a Neon duvet cover. It creates a unified look and might mean you get your sheets sooner!

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Our bedding is dyed by hand at our workshop in Burnaby, BC. We use a non-toxic, environmentally inert dye that doesn’t require any harsh acids to bind to the cotton. Everything is dyed in small batches and just like the leaves on a tree no two batches will be exactly the same. Sometimes the dyelots

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