what’s new in bed?

new prints!

New prints have arrived! We’ve picked a wide range of patterns, but they come in very limited quantities. See something you love? Be sure to snap it up! All prints will be filtering into the store over the next week, but they’re all available to see and purchase online right now.

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Not everything here at bed is glamorous 😉 Doing everything ourselves means doing the dirty jobs too. Like fixing washing machines. #DIY #missionaccomplished #local #bedding #thethingsivelearnedinbed

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Colour Inspiration!

If you’re looking for inspiration, sometimes you can turn to a print to give you colour palette to work with. This daybed-style single took the Nyaa print as inspiration and uses Royal, Chartreuse and Cloud to build a fun combo with a pop!

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Unique finds

All of our prints are available in limited quantities, but the upside is that we can take a risk with our prints. Take our Jewel print duvet cover, is it for everyone? Probably not. Is it beautiful, unique and perfect for right person? Absolutely.

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Spring is on the way! We have 73 different colours to choose from, making it easy to bring some of that sunshine indoors.

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Our latest batch of prints is starting to sell down, so if you see something you like, don’t hesitate! We’ve just put one of our favourites on a bed. Orizuru features paper cranes in blacks and greys, the neutral base serving as a great pair for your favourite bright colour. P.S. Be sure to check

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