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We have finally received enough cotton to begin taking backorders for production. With such a wide array of hand-made products, in a variety of colours & sizes, we definitely do not have every item in-stock at all times and some items may need to be backordered for you. This, along with the inventory levels will be clearly noted on the product page once you choose a specific size. Please wait to hear from us before coming to the store to pick up any items that you have purchased, as some ‘in-stock’ items may still be at our workshop. Get more information on how COVID-19 is affecting our supply chain & inventory availability by clicking here.

If you are after something that is not in stock or available for backorder right now, the best way to find out when it comes back into stock is to use our waiting list system. Once the item comes back into stock you’ll get an email to alert you. Find out more about waitlists here.

If you are shopping for a gift and are having a hard time finding the items you want, in the colours you prefer, consider buying a gift credit. In all honesty, we see many, many gifts get swapped for different colours or sizes. Save yourself the pressure of finding the “perfect” item and in turn give your friend the fun of choosing the colours & sizes that work best for them.

Use the filters below alone or in combination to narrow down our product selection.

To limit the results to items that are in-stock or available for backorder, click the shopping cart icon, if it is orange the results are available, if it is grey, it’s showing all items, even those that are unavailable.

Click the button to compare the items on your list, or outside the bar to hide it
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