all-season wool duvet

This duvet is soft, snuggly and comfortably cozy. Wool is the ideal material for bedding. It’s breathable and has excellent moisture absorption, which can help regulate the temperature and humidity of your bed for a deeper, more refreshing sleep. It’s the perfect pairing for any of our 100% cotton duvet covers.

  • 100% organic, British high-bulk carded wool interior
  • 100% cotton percale exterior
  • comfortable year-round
  • made by SnugSleep in North Vancouver, BC

Wool is a natural fibre and requires gentle care to maximize its longevity. This duvet is made using carded wool and so, it cannot be machine washed. We suggest regular airing and some direct sun exposure in the summer, but use of a duvet cover will eliminate the need for frequent cleaning. These duvets can be dry cleaned and any spills or stains can be spot washed in a laundry tub, then hung to dry afterwards. Detailed care instructions will be included with each duvet, but don’t be intimidated, these duvet require minimal care or cleaning.

Duvets do not qualify for free shipping. A $25 large item shipping fee applies within Canada. However, the price of the duvet (plus the shipping!) does contribute towards the $350 threshold for free Canadian shipping of other items purchased at the same time.

This item only ships within Canada. The cost of shipping these outside of Canada is generally over half as much as the duvet itself so we are restricting sales of these duvets to within Canada.


From: $200.00

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With such a wide array of hand-made products, in a variety of colours & sizes, we definitely do not have every item in-stock at all times and some items may need to be backordered for you. This, along with the inventory levels will be clearly noted on the product page once you choose a specific size. Please wait to hear from us before coming to the store to pick up any items that you have purchased, as some ‘in-stock’ items may still be at our workshop. Get more information on how COVID-19 is affecting our supply chain & inventory availability by clicking here.

Our sheets are definitely not your average department store sheets. We use a 100% cotton, clothing fabric called muslin, which is thicker and more textured than the cotton often used to make sheets. People often remark that the noticeable texture feels more similar to old-fashioned or even linen sheets. Just like a new pair of jeans they can take a bit of breaking in, but get softer and lovelier with each wash, while retaining their more rustic texture.
Although this cotton may feel a bit heavier than other fabrics, it breathes exceptionally well. This is because big threads are used in a looser weave. The cotton doesn’t retain excess heat or cold like tightly woven fabrics, so it’s quite comfortable all year round. Read more about our bedding.

All dyeing is done by hand in small batches (about a set of queen-sized items, i.e. duvet cover, fitted sheet & 2 pillowcases), so dyelots will vary slightly. If you order several items in the same colour, we will make every effort to select pieces as similar as possible, however it is possible you may receive items from slightly different dye lots. Sometimes you’ll see slight variations in the shade of the colour across an item. There may also be small specks or smudges of another colour on your sheets and all of this comes down to the fact that a real human being made them by hand – try as we might these can’t be completely avoided.

Marble dyes have the most variance in colour within an item, each item has a unique, random pattern that can include large clusters or small flecks of other colours such as fuschia, orange or blue, depending upon how individual dyes disperse. Every computer monitor will display colours somewhat differently, so use our colour images as guidelines – the actual colour may not be exactly as displayed by your computer. For an explanation about why colours sometimes look different online and in person, check out our about colour page. Following our washing instructions will keep colours true for a long time, while the cotton will get softer and softer, a lot like your favourite, old jeans.

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