Maybe you have been wanting to buy new bedding for a while, but you just can’t decide on colours. Or maybe you just can’t figure out how to outfit your bed on you own. That’s okay! We’re here to help. We’ve put together a collection of different looks to inspire you. Click on any of the images below to go to a page where you can purchase some or all of the pieces to make these looks. Keep in mind our everyday offer, whenever you buy two big pieces, you get two pillowcases for free. So, don’t forget to add those to your cart, they’ll be discounted there automatically.

classic colours

lookbook - monochrome


if you are looking for something simple and minimalist with a steely blue-grey flavour, monochrome is for you. With a deep blue with a hint of grey sheet to keep the lightness of the slate grey grounded, you'll sleep cool and comfy.

lookbook - sedimentary


for anyone who wants something neutral and earthy. A great way to keep yourself grounded.

lookbook - forest


if you're a lover of the forest, nature, or the pacific northwest, this will be a great look to bring into your bedroom. With forest greens and a mossy finish, you can have the comfort of the trees without the cold.

colours with character

lookbook - heath


head out onto the heath and these are some of the colours you may see: a beautiful array of burgundies, pinks, and rustic reds. A heath without the shrubbery to take care of.

rainy day

for those who love/hate the Vancouver weather because we know that as much as grey skies can be ugly, they sure can be beautiful too. A mix of dark and light blues with a light grey marble for some depth and beauty.

lookbook - highlighter


for those of you that want to wake up to a bright splash of colour. this combination keeps it simple, layering two different brights in a mixture of solid and marble for some added depth. If you love bright colours, don't be afraid to put them together. You can always add a few pieces in unbleached to break it up!

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